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“In this excellent book, Amber Hatch explains clearly and persuasively how helpful mindfulness can be, not just for the child who is being parented, but for the parent too.”

Gill Rapley, author of Baby-led Weaning

"Amber Hatch writes from a depth of knowledge and experience, and with a fluency and skill that make the ideas accessible and useable.”

Prof. Willem Kuyken, Director of Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Oxford University

My story

I've published five books with major publishers, and my work has been translated 17 times. Communicating effectively and telling stories from the heart is what I do best.

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"A clear, succinct and evocative overview of silence in its various forms and meanings, from the literal absence of noise and mental clutter to the deeper meditative search for moments of internal space. Highly recommend for anyone interested in a simpler way to live."

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Amazon reviewer

Work with me



I will help you make the most out of your writing so that you can convey your message in the most powerful way possible. 

I offer both developmental editing and copy editing, and I can advise on which service you may need.



I can help you keep on track with your writing and offer you editorial help as needed.

I provide flexible, ongoing support to help you achieve your writing goals—whatever they may be.



Do you have a great idea for a book but not enough time to write it? Completing a book takes hundreds of hours, and developing the skillset to do it well may take several years.

You don't have to "DIY" your book. Sometimes it makes more sense to hire a professional. 

"This book is written really clearly and is easy to understand, and I particularly liked that its not an all-or-nothing approach. I constantly reccomend this book and method to friends with little ones as it has been so worthwhile for us." 

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Amazon reviewer

Amazon reviewer

"This book is truly inspirational and our 15 month old is almost entirely nappy free. We haven't had to change a dirty nappy in months and only occasionally have a wet nappy now. You can start from any age and it's a great experience for both parents and child." 

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