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Editing, Mentoring & Ghostwriting

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All authors need an editor to help them get a fresh perspective on their work, from someone who knows their stuff. A good editor will point out what's working well and show you how to change the things that aren't.

I know that submitting your work for editing can feel daunting. As an author myself, I've been there. It may be the first time a professional has read your manuscript; it may be the first time that anyone has read your manuscript.

When you ask me to edit your work, I repay that trust by helping you make your story as powerful and as effective as can be. I’m always honest in my feedback – I won’t simply tell you what I think you want to hear. I’m clearsighted and considerate. I know how much your manuscript means to you and I will help you make it shine.

Developmental Editing

During developmental editing I will review your entire manuscript, looking at all aspects of the writing. I will highlight what is working well and what needs attention. I will give you clear, practical guidance on how to fix any issues. 

Copy editing

In copy editing I will look at each sentence to make sure every word is pulling its weight. I will tighten and strengthen your prose. I will create a style sheet to ensure consistency. I always track my changes so that you can see what edits I have made and decide whether or not to accept them.


Sometimes authors need follow-up encouragement or advice after a round of development editing. Others need help moving past a block. Or maybe you just need a listening ear from someone who understands the challenges of writing. You may want a guiding hand throughout the whole process of writing your book from start to finish. I can offer a safe and constructive place to discuss your ideas and work.

I can see you face-to-face in Oxford, UK, or I can offer phone or online mentoring. I charge £50/hour for ad-hoc mentoring (please note if you wish to submit work in advance, I also charge £50/hour for reading/critiquing time). 


I also offer mentoring packages. This means working one-to-one over the course of several months, with the advantage of a supportive framework and ongoing critical feedback. Option to pay in monthly installments.


Six month package

Up to 6 x one-hour sessions over 6 months, (you can submit up to 15 000 words before each session); with interim email support. £1200 


Twelve month package

Up to 8 x one-hour sessions over 12 months (you can submit up to 15 000 words before each session); with interim email support. £1600



As a ghostwriter or co-writer I will work with you to create the book you envision. I will listen to your story and/or message through interviews or notes, and craft that material into a powerful, compelling narrative. Together, we will ensure that your book conveys your message exactly how you want, and that your authentic voice shines through.

I’ve worked as a professional ghostwriter for both traditional publishing and independent authors. I specialise in memoir, self-help and fiction.

All projects are unique and so need to be priced on their own merits, but as a guideline, you can expect to pay around £13,000 - £15,000 for a standard length (70K word or 250 page) manuscript. A children’s novel of 30K words is around £5000 - £7000. These prices include final editing and proofreading from another editor, so that your completed manuscript will be ready to go to typesetting and printing. 

Use the form to get in touch and discuss your requirements.



Work with me

Tell me a bit about your book project, what stage you are at, and what you think you need help with. 

I will get back to you with a plan of action and a quote for my services.

You can also find me on the professional book services platform, where I have 115 five-star reviews.

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